Love letter, 2009, Oil and fabric on canvas, 120x100cm
Aliens,2015,Oil on canvas,150cm
Landscape in Le parcd’teted’or,2007,Red gel pen on paper,19.5×27.1cm
Lake,2007,Red gel pen on paper,19.5×27.1cm
Draft with a monster 2016,Chinese ink,gelpen,fabric and wax oil on canva, 250x150cm
Draft,2008, Gel pen and Chinese ink on convas,245x150cm
Draft,2009, gel pen, ink pad,19x29cm
Untilted,2009,Oil on convas,180x80cm
Untitled,2009,Gel pen on convas and fabric,120x100cm
Dreamland,2013,Acrylicon board,15.5x20cm
Draft of WW world,2009,Pencil on paper,28×35cm
No more gentleman,2014,Oil on canvas,170x130cm

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